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How to Measure: Replacement Gazebo Covers

Measuring your Gazebo can seem like a daunting task especially if your existing canopy is damaged or is currently attached to your Gazebo in situ.

Below we have created a diagram to show the most common measurements required when looking for your perfect canopy replacement.

From Centre to Edge this measurement is taken from the very center of your Gazebo to the outer edge, for square gazebos this will be the same measurement to all four corners. If your Gazebo is Rectangular then make sure you take the measurement for the longer and shorter section.

Distance Between Pockets –  Some Gazebo Covers will have additional fixing points to provide extra security in high winds

Post to Post Measurement – This is the most important measurement needed when looking for a replacement canopy, this is normally how replacement covers are advertised, showing this measurement – for example a 3m x 3m gazebo cover would be the same as having a Gazebo with a post to post measurement of 3m on one side and 3m on the other.