New Galaxy Gazebo with Shuttered Opening Roof

Gazebos have come a long way in recent years, from a simple wooden frame with a fabric cover, to Gazebos with Polycarbonate Roofs and now, A new generation of Outdoor Room, the Galaxy Open Top Gazebo.

New for 2019, The Galaxy Gazebo with Opening Shutter Roof, as its name suggests, has the ability (with the turn or a lever) to open its roof and allow daylight or even a view of the Night Sky to flood in. Furthermore, If you are looking for the ideal Outdoor Room for eating, entertaining or even for your Hot Tub this very clever Gazebo also happens to be extremely attractive. Featuring a silver/grey powder coating and a modern sleek look it really is pleasing to the eye, oh and one more thing its completely maintenance free! the Galaxy Gazebo has no wooden frame and no fabric canopy that would normally deteriorate over time.

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Shuttered Roof Gazebo

The primary feature of this beautiful looking Gazebo is of course its Shuttered Roof, this can be opened using built in and easy to use mechanisms that are turned by hand to then open the roof shutters in perfect synchronization. The roof functions just like opening a Venetian blind when you need to let in more light, the Roof on the Galaxy Gazebo works using this same principal – check out the video above.

galaxy gazebo roof shuttersWeather Proof Design

So now you are wondering surely the fancy roof on this Gazebo won’t keep out the Wind, Rain or anything else mother nature decides to throw at it? Well, the Shuttered Roof on the Galaxy Gazebo has in fact been designed specifically to do just that. Each shutter section has been made and shaped to interlock perfectly when the roof is closed, this also creates an efficient drainage system to direct any rain water to the edge of the roof where it is then channeled to the nearest leg post so it can drain down the post (inside the leg) to the ground. How good is that?!…

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What about side panels?

Available as optional extras, the side panels for the Galaxy Open Top Gazebo are made from Textiline and can be purchased individually depending on your needs, once fitted, these side panels can be rolled down to the desired length and are semi transparent, this allows some light to come through but still give privacy and shade when needed.

galaxy gazebo with side panels

galaxy gazebo opening roofGalaxy Gazebo Construction

Well designed and thought out, The Galaxy is easy to assemble for anyone handy with a screwdriver, if your in any doubt, we have a copy of the assembly instructions available to download here.

Galaxy Gazebo Assembly Instructions

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The Galaxy Gazebo is available in a very spacious  3.5 x 3.6M size, and there will be more size options introduced at a later date.