Four Seasons Gazebo, No Cover Required

four seasons screen house

Introducing the Four Seasons Gazebo, If you are looking for an Outdoor Room that requires no maintenance and can be left in place all year round then the Four Seasons Gazebo Range is something you should definitely consider.

four seasons gazeboTraditional Gazebos in the UK are typically made with a hardwood frame, fabric canopy, and curtains, while these are a great solution for creating that ever important shade or shelter in the unpredictable British Climate there are several downsides to this type of Gazebo.

One of the main problems is weathering of the canopy and curtains. If you leave your gazebo out for long periods, or even permanently. Over time the fabric parts will deteriorate due to weathering, and unpredictable strong winds can also cause rips and tears in fabric canopies. This will likely lead to you having to throw out your Gazebo and purchase another or find a Replacement Canopy.

The Full Four Seasons Gazebo Range

The clue is in the name, The Four Seasons Range really is designed for all Four Seasons. Made from totally maintenance free materials, the Aluminum Frame is lightweight, strong, and will not rust, warp or weather. The Polycarbonate Roof on this gazebo is perfect for letting light in and keeping the weather out and yes you guessed it… its completely maintenance free! The roof on this gazebo will not weather, rip or tear in high winds, and any rain will roll effortlessly off the water proof panels without pooling or giving you any other problems associated with fabric roof gazebos.

Four Seasons 3X3m Gazebo

First in the Four Seasons Gazebo Lineup is the Classic 3x3m and 3×3.6m option, Featuring the advanced Polycarbonate roof and curtain sides, this Gazebo is the perfect all rounder for Garden Parties, BBQs and Outdoor Dining. View and Buy Here >

four seasons gazebo 3x3m

Four Seasons Wall Gazebo

The perfect solution for bringing the inside, out. The Four Seasons Wall Gazebo is a great alternative to a standard gazebo especially if you are short on space, featuring a sliding roof and curtains for privacy, it has all of the great benefits included in the Four Seasons Gazebo Range. View and Buy Here >

four season wall gazebo

Four Seasons Screen House

The third option in our Four Seasons Gazebo Lineup is the Screen House. This gazebo really is the perfect outdoor room, not only does it have the Polycarbonate Panel Roof but it also features sliding doors on all four sides giving complete privacy. What a perfect place to hide a Hot Tub! View and Buy Here >

four seasons screen house


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